Apple is experimenting with touchless gestures and curved screen iPhones


In a world with so many smartphone manufacturers constantly competing with each other for a share of the market, innovation is a key factor and Apple is attempting to be at the forefront of innovation once again. During the initial testing, these touchless gesture controls would allow iPhone users to complete "some tasks" without having to tap on the screen, the report states. The gestures "likely won't be ready for consumers for at least two years". Unlike Samsung Galaxy S9's display, the display on iPhones will be curving inwards gradually from top to the bottom of the front of the phone.

In a way, the touchless gesture controls will be similar to the 3D Touch feature that has been part of Apple's iPhones for the past few years. Both these features are said to be in early test and development stages and it may as well be the case that Apple may decide to put this on a halt. What's more is that it takes into consideration the fingers proximity from the screen.

The work comes as the California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out.

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Apple likes to explore new possibilities with its iPhones, and if the latest reports are true, the Cupertino giant might be looking at some standout features for future iPhones. One of the current rumors is that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. The feature would be based on technology built into the display itself rather than via a motion sensor on the phone's bezel, like with Samsung's implementation, the person explained.

Apple wants to make sure iPad users know how to work with two apps at once, and also how an Apple Pencil can mark up screenshots.

While the Apple projects aren't imminent, the company has near-term plans to expand OLED technology to more devices, according to other people familiar with the matter. Apple is expected to release a 6.5-inch iPhone with an OLED screen and a new, lower-cost LCD model.