Mexican Government: Migrant Caravan was Previously Unimpeded Event


Organized caravans of predominantly Central American migrants, including many escaping drug and gang-related violence in Honduras, have crossed Mexico since 2010, according to Mexico's government.

The perceived inaction of Mexican officials caused consternation north of the border, but several sources working with migrants and involved in immigration issues said numerous marchers in past caravans set out after applying for either humanitarian visas or asylum, allowing them freedom of movement. The remaining migrants will have to petition the Mexican government to stay, or they will be ordered to return to their home countries. The statement makes no mention of any enforcement actions in the previous years and revealed that this year they are offering asylum to those who qualify.

President Donald Trump wrote over the weekend that Mexico was doing "very little, if not NOTHING" to stop migrants from crossing its southern border.

The AP claimed that the migrant caravan was not headed for the U.S. -Mexico Border but to Mexico City for a rally.

Immigration officials were registering the Oaxaca group.

Mexico routinely stops and deports Central Americans, sometimes in numbers that rival those of the United States. "We don't have. We have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody".

Ultimately, this means that some significant number of the thousand or more illegal aliens now in the caravan will be able to either stay in Mexico or pursue their prior goal of travelling to the US border. He said the group did not expect to reach the USA border for three more weeks.

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On Monday, Mexican immigration officials began taking the names of people interested in filing for temporary transit or humanitarian visas in Mexico.

Navarrete Prida had said earlier that he talked with US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday about handling migration "in accordance with each country's laws".

A statement from Mexico's Interior Ministry said Monday that "under no circumstances does the government of Mexico promote irregular migration". How is NAFTA a cash cow for Mexico when it has led to millions of Mexicans losing their subsistence farming livelihoods as cheaper US -taxpayer subsidized corn flooded the Mexican market?

It deported roughly twice as many Central Americans as the US did in 2015 and 2016, according to Mexican and American government figures compiled by the Migration Policy Institute. Beta officers have the delicate task of protecting migrants without encouraging them. A large number of participants are from Honduras, where organized crime fuels widespread violence and protesters recently took to the streets after a contested election. Organizers of the march told ABC News numerous participants had already planned to claim asylum in Mexico or the United States, through legal, official channels.

"These kinds of caravans are utilized by people that are not migrants, who pass themselves off as migrants and try to extort other participants in the caravan", said Alberto Xicoténcatl, director of a migrant shelter in Saltillo, in northern Mexico. Adding to the difficulties, Andrade said, caravans arriving at the US border cause problems in those communities as an influx of migrants taxes scarce resources in the shelters there.

Some members of Congress said they were uncomfortable with the idea of using the military at the border.

Mexico has preferred to keep other issues such as security and immigration out of the NAFTA renegotiations, "unlike Trump. who puts everything on the table", said Brenda Estefan a former security attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Washington. Trump has threatened to end NAFTA negotiations and pull out of the deal over the Mexican government's conduct.