Egypt's president wins reelection with 97 percent of vote counted


Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi won 97% of the votes in last week's elections, according to the official results published on Monday.

Voters chose between Sissi, the general-turned-president who came to power after ousting in 2013 his elected but divisive Islamist predecessor, Mohammed Morsi, and an obscure politician who registered at the last minute and said he doesn't oppose Sissi's policies, Moussa Mustafa Moussa.

Even before campaigning officially begun, the United Nations, human rights groups and opposition figures criticised the run-up as compromised by arrests, intimidation of opponents and a nomination process stacked in favour of the incumbent.

US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin separately called el-Sissi to congratulate him.

Lasheen Ibrahim, the head of the country's election commission, announced the official results on Monday.

Ibrahim said 92.73 per cent of the votes were valid from the roughly 24 million cast, while nearly two million ballots were spoiled.

Mr Sisi won 21.8 million votes compared with 656,534 for his opponent, Moussa Mostafa Moussa, whose tally was less than the 1.8 million spoiled ballots.

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Invalidating votes are seen as safe ways to protest against President Sisi, who has overseen a sweeping crackdown on dissent since assuming office in 2014.

British foreign minister Boris Johnson appeared to strike a more cautious tone, writing on Twitter: "Look forward to working with President Sisi's government in his 2nd constitutional term".

Last week, Sisi posted photos of voters participating in the polls and praised them on facebook for the huge turnout.

As per a statement by The White House the two leaders Trump and Sisi "affirmed the strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt".

The State Department earlier noted "reports of constraints on freedoms of expression and association in the run-up to the elections". In the end, turnout was 41.05 percent, down from the 47.45 percent Sisi won during his first election in 2014.

The result secures Mr al Sisi's position and his direction for Egypt, following the revolution that began in 2011.