Any social media accounts to declare? U.S. wants to travelers to tell


The department said it intends not to routinely ask most diplomatic and official visa applicants for the social media information.

"Applicants will be required to identify which they use and provide any identifiers used by applicants for those platforms during the five years preceding the date of application".

In a document posted on the Federal Register on Thursday, anyone who wants to come to the United States on a non-immigrant visa will have to answer a list of questions under new rules.

Worldwide desk - Applicants seeking U.S. visa will require their social media username to be provided along with the applications as the Trump administration is seeking a change in visa applications.

The Department of State estimates that its revised visa process will affect 710,000 immigrant visa applicants attempting to enter the U.S.; its more limited review of travelers flagged for additional screening only affected an estimated 65,000 people.

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Along with the proposal's publishing, the department will begin a 60-day period for the public to comment on the plan.

New rules will also require data of previously used telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to be provided, according to reports. They would be required to say if they had ever been deported from a country, or if any relatives had been involved in terrorist activity.

The notice explains that the Department of State wants to expand the information it collects by adding questions to its Electronic Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration (DS-260).

The move by the Trump administration stops short of requiring passwords or access to those social media accounts, although then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggested a year ago that it was being considered.

But now, every applicant will be required to include five years of social media usernames on their application - some 15 million foreigners who apply for us visas each year - although certain diplomatic and official visa applicants would usually be exempt.