Steelers TE Jesse James reacts to new catch rule


The owners also passed a rule aimed at player safety by making it illegal for a player to lower his head to initiate contact with his helmet.

Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay discussed how frustration from coaches pushed for this move to be made. "This is not situational protection".

Per, the NFL has made 49 rule changes since 2002 to protect players, improve practice methods, better educate players and personnel on concussions and strengthen the league's medical protocols.

"I will still maintain. that we saw this rule in action during the Super Bowl when the Eagles played the Patriots", Mortensen said during the show, via NESN's Zack Cox.

However, little doubt exists that the National Football League has become determined to address in an aggressive manner a 2017 season that saw 291 concussions, the highest total ever, and a severe spinal injury to Ryan Shazier a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers, on a play that would have fallen under the rule established on Tuesday. "And this is part of that response".

According to National Football League research, almost one out of every two helmet-t0-helmet hits resulted in a concussion. "And so we're seeing a greater incidence of this behavior". That restriction rarely was enforced.

The new rule doesn't mention securing a catch while going to the ground, a major source of controversy in recent seasons.

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Withdrawn by the Jets was a proposal to limit defensive pass interference to 15 yards, the penalty in college, except for egregious incidents.

Referee Gene Steratore reviews a touchdown reception by Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Corey Clement during Super Bowl 52 against the New England Patriots in Minneapolis on February 4.

While the offender could be disqualified, owners did not call for an automatic ejection on such a play - at least not yet.

Of course, bettors and fantasy players could have a stake in the PAT, but neither participating team did, particularly now that points scored or points differential is so low in any tiebreaking procedures. That element could be added later.

Coaches, players and fans wonder how this new rule would impact the game. I always thought he did (because he did). "Therefore, we need a rule that is broad and puts that in context, and that's what we think this does". "But it is enough to say that the result is such that maybe that result needs to be reviewed". The league's next challenge: Clearly defining a far more radical change that will alter the way an entire sport is played.

Let's not forget, too, that severe injuries or - heaven forbid - an on-field death isn't exactly good for promoting business or National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell's perpetual "the-game-has-never-been-safer" mantra. The Steelers have said that Shazier won't play in the 2018 season. McKay said the voters weren't there to pass it. "Really what we're looking at are space plays". It could be Ryan Shazier.