Alphabet's Waymo brings self-driving tech to Jaguar


The self-driving auto company Waymo will buy up to 20,000 electric vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover to help realize its vision for a robotic ride-hailing service.

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The Alphabet-owned company is planning to add 20,000 of the luxury SUVs outfitted with its class-leading self-driving vehicle technology within the next two years. "The ultimate goal is self-driving vehicles tailored to every trip and objective".

The Waymo Jaguar I-Paces will be equipped with Waymo's self-driving technology and the testing for these cars will start later this year. He wouldn't disclose what other cities may be next for Waymo. Jaguar Land Rover is committed to investing heavily, becoming automotive leaders in autonomous, connected and future electrified technologies.

The Jaguar vehicles, like the Pacficas, will bear the Waymo logo and be part of its coming ride-hailing network.

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He also stated that he might have some documentation on the company's work in India, which he could provide to the committee. The company also said it was 100-per cent Canadian owned and operated and was never part of Cambridge Analytica or SCL.

Reaching that goal starts with partnerships with innovative automakers and OEMs, like Jaguar Land Rover.

The I-Pace is much more compact vehicle than the Pacifica, and will be a more elegant way to travel. The company will use a new Jaguar luxury electric vehicle called the I-Pace. The vehicles "will soon be playing a vital full-time role in Waymo's driverless transportation service", it said.

In January, Fiat Chrysler said it will supply Waymo with "thousands" of modified Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans as the startup prepares to launch a self-driving taxi service. On March 18 in Tempe, Arizona, a self-driving Uber struck and killed a woman who was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk while walking a bike. The accident occurred even though a "safety driver" was behind the wheel and was supposed to intercede if the technology failed.

Earlier this month, a mum-of-two was mowed down by an autonomous Uber in Arizona. Will you be hailing one of Waymo's driverless Jags? "Our role in the world, we see very clearly, is to build the world's most experienced driver".

Under the agreement, Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo will integrate its self-driving system into Jaguar's I-Pace electric SUVs, the first all-electric offering from the luxury unit of China's Tata Motors Ltd.