Wife jailed after smacking husband in head over forgetting anniversary


A woman was filmed receiving lashes from her husband after it was learned that she had eloped with her lover. Deputies say the video showed Stone striking her husband multiple times.

A Colorado woman is the subject of an expanding search days after she was last seen leaving a bar in Longmont.

Screaming in pain, the woman was repeatedly whipped with a leather belt as punishment for adultery.

Neighbor who heard the wails came to her rescue, took her to hospital for medication before reporting the matter at the police station then Awuor was arrested to face assault charges at the Makadara Law Court.

Rajya Sabha Polls: BJP dents opposition unity, wins nine candidates
She also suspended her party MLA Anil Singh, alleging he cross voted in favour of the BJP to serve his business interests. The ruling party won three seats, while the BJP, which is out to wrest control of the state, could win one.

The abuse apparently started years ago when Mayer allowed different men into her mother's house, according to WTMJ.

Mayer would also allow the men to photograph the children naked and would inject them with meth to keep them awake, a confidential informant told police.

When she returned home, there was already a meeting among village elders to decide what punishment she would receive - and flogging 100 times in public was agreed upon. As reported, the husband flogged his wife because he only wanted to "teach a lesson to the woman".