GOP rep. introduces resolutions to impeach Supreme Court justices


In Harrisburg, the three judges on the U.S. District Court definitely were unanimous, and they ruled in a way that barred other GOP leaders in Pennsylvania - two state senators and eight current House members - from even trying to salvage their challenge to the state court's version of the districting.

In separate rulings on Monday, a federal court panel and the United State Supreme Court denied challenges by Pennsylvania Republican leaders seeking to stop implementation of the new congressional map issued last month by the state Supreme Court. The national political environment - as signaled by Lamb's likely victory in a district that Trump won by 20 points in 2016 - suggests that a large-ish Democratic wave is building in advance of November. That request, though confined to the issue of a temporary delay, relied upon the claim that the state court had violated the Elections Clause in the two ways the GOP lawmakers had said, so the use of the state court map should be barred for the time being pending an appeal.

Under the maps created by the state Supreme Court, it's likely that after the 2018 elections, the state's Congressional delegation will stand at a 9-9 split, Borick said.

Republicans hold 12 seats after Democrat Conor Lamb's surprise victory last week in a special election. The state is projected to lose one congressional seat in that remapping.

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Now that Pennsylvania's congressional district boundaries have been settled - albeit through an unfortunate, partisan-charged and messy process - and the gerrymandered congressional district maps of 2011 have been tossed to the trash heap of history where they belong, it is time for our state lawmakers to fix this the right way, and for good.

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans, attorneys for the League of Women Voters argued, and the state Supreme Court agreed, that the imbalance was due to illegal gerrymandering. Pat Meehan and Charlie Dent under the new maps.

They also tried again in the U.S. Supreme Court. The district includes the eastern half of Centre County and stretches from Perry County to the New York Border. U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle represents much of the region in the new 4th District, but he'd announced he's running in the 2nd District, so there is no incumbent in the 4th District. After noting that the federal congressman asserted an injury based on potentially wasted campaign resources, the court found that, "a$3 t bottom, the Federal Congressional Plaintiffs‟ injuries are traceable only to the court‟s decision to invalidate the 2011 Map and its mandate that a new map be adopted - acts that the Plaintiffs concede are "undoubtedly" within the state court's authority".

Both Costello and Houlahan said they would file nominating petitions in the new district on Tuesday.