Saint Patrick's Day: Everything you need to know!


"Today the whole galaxy is Irish", tweeted the Star Wars icon, who was tapped as the global guest of honor at the Irish capital's annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is at New York's St. Patrick's Day parade.

"After I arrived in Ireland, I tended sheep every day, and I prayed frequently during the day", he wrote in his "Confessions".

Many New York "Irish Aid" societies hosted parades but ultimately made a decision to merge them as one big parade, according to History. Known as the "Apostle of Ireland", he is the primary patron saint of Ireland, along with saints Brigit of Kildare and Columba. It's certainly not a day to be celebrated, to those of us who mourn the death of our people's own unique culture at the hands of the Romans, and later, the British, both of whom repeatedly colonized the isle since nearly time immemorial, replacing Irish culture with their own, and significantly contributing to the death toll of one of the worst famines in history.

Since he came to Canada, Fitzgerald admits he enjoys the day "American style", celebrating with food and drinks at Irish clubs.

Irish traditions "alive" on P.E.I.

Many with Irish ancestry today still live in northeast Pennsylvania, all of NY and large sections of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. About half of the population of Ocean Bluff-Brant Rock, Massachusetts, claimed Irish ancestry the same year. According to History Saint Patrick was born in Roman Britain and was kidnapped by Irish raiders. They began coming here from the earliest colonial days, and kept on coming.

"Irish in America have been very welcome", Hogan said.

Sputnik: It is actually a religious celebration, it is a feast day in the Catholic Church to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland, who is St. Patrick and it's the day of his death I believe?

One of the most-often repeated phrases on St. Patrick's Day is "Erin go Bragh!".

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Did you know that each year the entire Chicago River turns green? Green dates back to the 1700s, when supporters of Irish independence from England used green as the color to represent their cause.

The family-friendly event is on until 6pm and features performances from Sean Kelly and the Celtic Flyer, the Connolly School of Irish Dance and the Doyle Academy of Irish Dance, as well as face painting, crafts and a bouncy castle. But how many USA citizens can actually trace their roots back to Ireland?

"It was just random people, who happened to be Irish, so close to the festival doing bad things".

Pork, it seems, is far more of a traditional Irish meat than is beef.

Shamrock: Legend has it St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity, by showing an unbeliever the three-leafed plant with one stalk.

Well, that one certainly is on thin ice.

He is credited with having driven the snakes out of Ireland. But, since the last glacial epoch, and Ireland is an island surrounded by the bitterly cold Atlantic Ocean, cold-blooded snakes had no way of slithering onto Irish shores.

That's illustrated in the fact that the St. Patrick's Day dinner Saturday night at the sold out - all 120 tickets.

"In that way, we've got a whole new younger Irish group coming through".