Woman who killed boyfriend in failed YouTube stunt sentenced to 180 days


A 20-year-old woman who fatally shot her boyfriend in the chest in a video stunt meant to go viral on YouTube has been sentenced to 180 days in jail.

The stunt that killed him last June in Halstad involved Perez shooting a powerful handgun at a thick, hardcover book held to his chest, believing that it would stop the bullet.

Judge Jeffrey Remick accepted the plea deal and ruled that Perez, who is the mother of two small children, can serve the sentence in 10-day increments in South Dakota, where she now resides.

On June 26, 2017, the couple set up two cameras for the stunt.

On the day of the shooting, Perez tweeted that she and Ruiz were "probably going to shoot one of the most risky videos ever".

He had experimented previously and thought the thick book would protect him, but the couple's three-year-old child and almost 30 onlookers watched as she fired a fatal bullet. She has also been banned from owning firearms for life.

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Norman County Attorney James Brue said that the sentencing was right for Monalisa and pointed out that she had "relied on the assurances" of her boyfriend that the stunt would be safe to carry out.

In Facebook comments made shortly before Ruiz's death, Perez said: 'We are in the process of making Pedro a YouTube channel oh man is it going to be sweet!

Hours before the shooting, Perez spelled out her concern on Twitter.

Numerous videos featured the couple doing "pranks", "stunts", and "challenges" and some videos featured their three-year-old daughter.

Prosecutors said it was clear that the idea for the stunt came from Ruiz, which was the reason for the short sentence. "HIS idea not MINE", she wrote. Since Ruiz's death, the view counts on the videos have gone up and the comments sections are dominated by remarks about the shooting. She also told her that the Ruiz family doesn't hate her, but a scoff could be heard from one of Ruiz's loved ones as she said those words, WDAY reported.

The judge added that along with the law, he was guided by "common decency and old-fashioned common sense" in not letting the media take advantage of "that infamy" that befell Ruiz and Perez because of "an ill-conceived video stunt".