Trump hits possible Warren presidency: 'Pocahontas' is losing an audience


"So look, I am not running for president of the United States", Warren said, per the Boston Globe. "Never got any benefit from it anywhere", Warren said.

Elizabeth Warren on Sunday ruled out a 2020 presidential run and taking a DNA test to prove Native American ancestry - an issue that has nagged her Senate campaigns and would nearly certainly create problems in a White House bid.

President Donald Trump has constantly derided Warren, widely regarded as a likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, as "Pocahontas".

"If I don't win the election, [news] ratings are going to go so far down, they'll be out of business, every one of them".

An analysis of the bill from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said its passage would increase the likelihood of a major financial institution cratering or a financial crisis, a point Warren cited during the interview, taped Saturday.

"It's about my family's story".

"Only Elizabeth Warren can answer why she assumed a Native American identity as she was climbing the career ladder in academia", Lindstrom said.

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"I know who I am".

Earlier, she told CNN's Jim Acosta "I am not running for president in 2020, ' and said she had learned of native heritage from her parents, saying her father's family had concerns about their parents' union because of her mother's native heritage". "And never used it for anything". Chuck Todd asked Warren if she would take the DNA test as the Berkshire Eagle suggested.

Warren also said that she respects the distinction between heritage and citizenship and "that tribal membership is determined by tribes - and only by tribes".

Trump's tariffs, which he announced last Thursday, were met with swift opposition from numerous president's fellow Republicans who say they will harm the economy.

In February, Warren directly addressed the controversy around her claims of heritage in a surprise speech to the National Congress of American Indians, where she promised to fight for issues of importance to Native Americans.

In an op-ed titled, "Taking a DNA test could solve at least one of Elizabeth Warren's political problems", Vennochi took a pot shot at Trump as she acknowledged that the issue must be dealt with. In an age of hypersensitivity to claims of cultural appropriation, it's odd that she thinks her family lore ought to be enough to put this to rest.