PUBG New Maps: PUBG 4×4 Map, Adriatic and Xbox Miramar


This is by far the smallest map that PUBG has ever received, which is very much an intentional design choice. Among other things, the plan includes two new maps, more character customization and emotes, new vehicles and weapons, and an improved ballistics system-plus an experimental test server so players can get an early look at changes added to the game as well as an opportunity to deliver feedback on these changes to the developers.

The immediate highlight of this roadmap is the reveal of a new 4x4km island map that the team will be putting on PUBG's experimental servers sometime next month.

Tweaks like new building textures and game stability should create a more distinct world that's also less laggy, while the addition of emotes will be flawless for pissing off enemies.

PUBG's new 4x4 map explained - what do we know about the smaller new PUBG map features?

As is to be expected, new vehicles and weapons are also in the works, and the blog teased a new 7.62 weapon that will be coming "soon" to the test server.

PUBG new weapon
PUBG New Maps: PUBG 4×4 Map, Adriatic and Xbox Miramar

Custom game modes will be expanded. The team is trying to create a high player density situation that might lead to some shorter matches. PUBG Corp. also wants to test limb and vehicle bullet penetration, as well as overhauling the entire animation system for both third-and first-person.

PUBG Corp. published their latest update to PUBG yesterday evening.

Finally, game stability is being targeted as well as anti-cheat methods and server security. Rounding out the new changes will be achievements, in-game squad voice chat and an in-game friends list. "This year we want to further improve the live spectator tool, but also integrate a replay system for spectators to use during live matches". From here on, major patches are planned to be released on a 2-month schedule, with the first such patch planned for March.

The succeeding map will go back to the default larger area and will go through the test servers first just like the one before it. Also at issue is the lack of a more specific release schedule, perhaps betraying PUBG Corp.'s lack of dedication to these plans. And that kind of transparency in development is exactly what fans have wanted for a long time now from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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