CNN Host Tells Fired Trump Aide 'I Smell Alcohol on Your Breath'


A former aide to Donald Trump says he will not co-operate with the inquiry into alleged Russian election meddling. "From our perspective, we're going to cooperate with the special counsel's office and the reason we're so comfortable doing so is there was absolutely no collusion with the Trump campaign". He also told CNN's Gloria Borger, "Screw that".

Sam Nunberg, who joined Mr Trump early in the campaign, said he would refuse to comply with a grand jury subpoena.

Nunberg did not immediately respond to calls or text messages from BuzzFeed News. Mr. Nunberg was originally an adviser to Donald Trump who was sacked in 2014 for recommending his boss take part in a Buzzfeed article that turned out to be non-obsequious. The drama continued into the summer of 2016, when Trump sued his former aide for $10 million, alleging Nunberg broke his nondisclosure agreement.

In investigating Russian election interference, Mueller is also examining whether the president tried to obstruct the inquiry.

"What they sent me was absolutely ridiculous", he said. "The way they ask questions about anything I heard after I was sacked from the campaign, to the general election, to even November 1, is insinuated to me that he may have done something, and he may very well have". Initially declaring that he would defy Mueller's subpoena, the defiant Nunberg said, "Let him arrest me", during an interview with The Washington Post.

If you had not heard of Sam Nunberg before Monday, you are not alone. Wiley several times spoke directly to him, seeming to offer free legal advice. In another of Nunberg's appearances, CNN host Erin Burnett said she thought Nunberg had liquor on his breath. He denied having had anything to drink and told her that he had taken antidepressant medication.

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During Monday's interviews, Nunberg repeatedly attacked Sanders, and at one point, appeared to threaten her during his interview on MSNBC saying, "And I'm warning her, by the way, to shut her mouth".

"Nobody made him go on television".

In regard to the subpoena, Nunberg said he was not going to spend a lengthy amount of time scouring his inbox for emails involving former White House adviser Stephen Bannon and informal Trump adviser Roger Stone Jr.

In the Whitewater investigation during the Clinton administration, an Arkansas business associate of Bill Clinton's, Susan McDougal, spent 18 months in prison for not complying with a grand jury subpoena.

Discussing the request from the Mueller team in an interview with the Associated Press later on Monday, Nunberg said he was "going to end up cooperating with them". But Axios' suggestion that Nunberg's public comments were not newsworthy is contradicted by the facts - and by Axios' own reporting. It's important to note, however, that none of these individuals were charged with interfering in the election, but Mueller's investigation into Russian ties uncovered other illegal activity, such as money laundering, tax fraud and evasion, obstruction of justice and the making of false statements to federal investigators;, Although the charges are not a result of election interference, it should be emphasized they are a result of ties to Russia.