Major League Baseball announces latest attempt to shorten games


The amendments to the playing rules announced Monday include a general limit of six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player.

Maybe Manfred has to be radical and institute the much discussed pitch clock that might cut the average game time down by 30-40 minutes.

Some players are questioning why Commissioner Rob Manfred is set on shaving time off the game, but Manfred is looking at data that shows the length of the average baseball game is climbing.

While MLB will not mandate the tracking of mound visits on ballpark scoreboards, at least some teams are expected to keep an updated tab on the scoreboard. The solution, for now, involves communication options between the team dugout and video review rooms inside the stadiums. Even though Major League Baseball and the players association do not have a signed agreement on the rule changes, the agreement in place states that the MLBPA will not oppose any rule change.

Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann said he didn't think the changes would be that significant. You know about these: a pinch hitter is brought in - perhaps a new call-up hitter - and somebody runs out to give the quick scouting report on the guy.

"You have to counteract that on the pitcher and catcher side".

Visits to the pitcher's mound will be limited to six per game and an additional non-pitching-change visit per inning in extra-inning games.

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Until now, the only restriction on mound visits was a second visit to the same pitcher during an inning by a manager or coach resulted in an automatic pitching change.

25 seconds remaining: Umpire signals to the pitcher to complete final warm-up pitch.

Teams will get an extra mound visit for each inning after the ninth.

"I like the fact that every time we've engaged on something new, there's been conversation, in-depth conversation, with everyone involved", Hurdle said. "That's one of the things we hope to discuss and make adjustments to that".

Definition of a mound visit? .

Astros left hander Dallas Keuchel weighed in on the subject Tuesday morning. Expect a lot of managers to start practicing their "my pitcher might be injured oh nope look he's fine now but that was a good chat" faces. You have technology in 2018 where teams are trying to get edges on other teams and win at all costs. If, after the six visits have been exhausted, the home plate umpire deems the pitcher and catcher are not on the same page regarding signs, the umpire could then allow a brief visit for that objective. "We have to combat that with something". Cutting down on mound visits and shortening commercial breaks - I still can't believe Major League Baseball agreed to that - is good enough for me this year. "When we get to the point of the games, being given the opportunity to go ahead, get the definitions, get the actuality of what we're going to deal with and the opportunity to work through it [will be beneficial]".