Distracted Apple Employees Accidentally Walking Into Glass Panels at Apple Park


It's hard to imagine a more metaphor-packed scenario than Apple's products distracting its employees as they weave through a perfectly designed office and bang their faces into glass walls.

The campus is nearly entirely made out of glass panes, including the workspaces ("pods") inside the building which are surrounded by glass panes. The building, crafted by famed architect Norman Foster, immortalized a vision that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had years earlier.

When asked to comment about the head-smacking incidents, an Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

The new $5 billion Apple Park campus, which opened last fall, has had at least two incidents of men walking into glass and sustaining injuries that required emergency services, according to a story by MarketWatch, which did a public records request. "He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come", Apple CEO Tim Cook said past year. They removed the Post-its "because they detracted from the building's design". Another person familiar with the situation said there are other markings to identify the glass.

Apple's latest campus has been lauded as an architectural marvel. Wired magazine, first to pay a visit at its opening a year ago, described the structure as a "statement of openness, of free movement", in contrast to Apple's typically insular culture. But the idea of using glass, however, isn't the most impressive detail about this structure, Apple's design chief Jony Ive said.

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Place thousands of people distracted by iPhones in a building that is mostly transparent, and perhaps the results are inevitable.

The 13,000 or so employees who work in the building have to closely watch where they are going, Fortune reports.

Apple's new futuristic, nearly all-glass, Cupertino, Calif. campus may be lovely, but it's causing some problems for employees.

Apple is discovering that sleek architecture doesn't necessarily play nicely with health & safety, after multiple reported cases of Apple Park staff walking into glass doors and windows.