Major Apple Bug Causes iPhones, Macs To Freeze with Just One Character


Mobile World also says that the bug afflicts platforms beyond iOS: watchOS and macOS apps like Notes, Safari, and the App Store all reportedly crash as soon as the infamous character shows up.

The only way to escape this cycle is to get someone else to message you and delete the thread containing the malicious message.

Tests by a variety of publications have been performed with third-party apps such as FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Outlook, with the issue appearing in all cases.

Once the problematic message has been received, iOS will crash and any attempts to re-open the app containing the message will typically be met with failure. The issue does not affect Telegram and Skype, the Verge reports. One single character, from the Telugu language spoken in India, cannot only crash your iPhone, but also your computer and your Apple Watch.

Apple's iOS SpringBoard will crash once the message has been received.

If a user were to send the character in Messages, for example, it can cause the entire app to freeze on all of that users Mac and iOS devices.

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It's already bad enough that Variety is also covering this latest mishap from the Apple iOS team.

The symbol which is causing the glitch is from the Telugu language, a Dravidian language spoken in India.

Still, until that updated version is released - or, indeed, until Apple pushes out a patch before that point comes - it's a frustrating and potentially very disruptive issue. This time, the culprit is a single Indian (Telugu) character.

Just when it seemed Apple had recovered from the software woes that plagued its iOS 11 release, a new bug has arrived to wreak havoc on your iPhone. Also, it appears that iOS 11.3 beta hasn't been impacted by the Telugu character.

A character from an Indian dialect is at the heart of a new bug concerning all of Apple's operating systems.