Apple HomePod Leaves Its Mark - On Furniture


Apple's HomePod speakers may have impressed the audiophiles across the world but the owners of wood furniture are left distressed because leaving the speaker on top of wooden surfaces cause a odd white ring to form.

Product reviewers, including Stuart Miles from technology site Pocket Lint and Jon Chase from the New York Times' Wirecutter also noted marks also appearing on some surfaces to varying degrees, which faded but not disappear over time. The smart speaker has some shortcomings, and the fact that it may damage wooden furniture is the latest to be added to that list. The company at the launch of the Siri-enabled HomePod did not mention of any white ring nor did it warn the users for not placing the speaker on any wooden surface. Apple believes that the ring stains are caused by some sort of chemical reaction with certain wood surfaces treated with oil or wax. If you've splurged £320 on an Apple HomePod with the intention of displaying it on your equally-expensive shelf or table, you probably shouldn't.

In response, Apple released an online support page on how to clean and take care of the HomePod.

That compares with margins of 66 percent and 56 percent for the Google Home and Amazon Echo, products that compete in the smart-speaker market, but offer lower audio quality, according to the firm's estimates.

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The company is taking flack for not warning customers in advance that the HomePod and wood was a bad mix, so future buyers might want to think about where to place it.

I can't believe I have to say this (actually, at this point when it comes to Apple, nothing really surprises me), but you should probably put a coaster under your HomePod before you place it on that heirloom bedside table.

Yesterday it was discovered that HomePod can leave white rings on oiled wood finishes during normal use - something that is not obvious nor ideal. Apple suggests using the oiling/waxing method recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture to get rid of the white stains. Other websites also posted their own guides on the functionalities of Apple's smart speaker.