Amazon Echo devices now available to all customers


Alexa is the brain behind Echo devices. For the uninitiated, the Drop-in feature makes it possible to make calls, send voice, text messages Echo devices of your friends and family.

Echo smart speakers are voice-controlled and have been created to always be ready to take instructions from the users.

Currently, over 12,000 skills available for users in India, as the company claims, and it seems, Amazon is planning towards bringing more and more skills to the Echo devices in the days to come. The Echo speakers are priced between Rs 4500 and Rs 15000 - the Echo Dot costs Rs 4499, the Echo costs Rs 9999 and the Echo Plus costs Rs 14999.

Echo users can now keep in touch with each other using the Alexa-to-Alexa calling and messaging feature.

If you don't use the Alexa app for iOS or Android, you can configure your Echo through the web.

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You will also use Alexa conversations to contact other Echo devices in your home as an intercom as a part of the Drop in feature. In the near future, developers are gearing up to add more skills to enable users to perform activities like - order food, call a taxi, control lights and more. But, that's not the scenario any longer.

To enable this feature, just link the new Canary skill to your Alexa account.

Canary has added Amazon Alexa support for all of its customers, enabling users to view their security camera feeds on video-equipped Echo devices and Fire TVs using voice commands. The device you're talking to must be either an Echo Show or Echo Spot, which both have their own screens.

Amazon Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus are now available across both online and offline channels at Rs 4,999, 9,999 and 14,999 respectively. Alternatively, the range will also be available in over 350 retail stores across 20 cities, including Croma, Crossword, and Reliance Digital. For those buying the Amazon Echo Plus online and at select retail outlets, Amazon is offering a Philips Hue bulb free.