Woman Fell Asleep With A Headache And Woke Up With British Accent


"Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins", Myers, a former Texas beauty queen with seven kids, told KNXV-TV.

Three times in the past seven years, she has gone to sleep with blinding headaches only to wake up with a different accent.

In this current episode, however, the British accent has persisted for about two years, she said.

Speaking to ABC Arizona about her rare condition, Myers said: "They send in the psychiatrist at the hospital and make sure you're not a loon".

According to experts, she's not insane and not faking it.

Myers has since been diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, an incredibly rare disorder that has only been documented around 60 times in history. Myers also suffers from a condition that causes bruising and painful joints.

Myers told KNXV that she is trying to maintain a positive attitude and just wants to be taken seriously since she is aware of how her condition sounds to others.

Myers has another condition that could also be linked to her changing accents. Though it's unclear exactly why she developed the speech disorder, her doctors think it's a side effect of a hemiplegic migraine, which produces symptoms that are similar to a stroke, The Post reports. Talking with foreign accents have had notable effects on her well-being, as a crucial part of her identity goes through a frequent flux.

FAS is extremely rare and usually appears as a outcome of a stroke, brain damage, and in Meyers' case, underlying medical issues.

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However, this is the first time an accent has lasted more than a week.

While having an accent change may not seem like a big deal, Myers is saddened by the way her condition has affected her life. She felt like a different person and it took her some time to define her identity. In 2016, Lisa Alamia from Texas found her accent has changed to British after waking up from a jaw surgery.

"I was scared to go to the doctor, though, because I thought he'd say I was just insane, if I started sounding Irish, as I did at that point".

Odd as it may be, Myers said she has come to terms with her speaking voice.

Myers isn't alone in her confusion.

Awareness is slowly rising regarding Foreign Accent syndrome, but Myers continues to struggle.

"The person I am now has been through so much, compared to the person here".

"For most people with the condition, it's caused by a brain injury or a stroke, but all my MRI scans came back clear", she said. "And if I say odd things like 'I'm just going to the loo, ' it's really weird, as I sound just like a Brit".