Logan Paul Loses Youtube Ads Over Tasered Rat and Tide Pods Scandal


In a statement to Sky News, it said: "After careful consideration, we have made a decision to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul's YouTube channels".

YouTube has finally had enough of Logan Paul's behavior, and has announced that it has removed ads from all of the YouTube star's channels. He tweeted about eating Tide Pods and then went around taking a Taser gun to dead rats, which caught the attention of PETA.

Last month, Paul posted video of him in a forest near Mount Fuji in Japan near what seemed to be a suicide victim hanging from a tree. Paul had advertising temporarily suspended on his account today over videos featuring the abuse of dead animals. Paul has yet to make a statement in regard to the suspension and it's not clear how long the suspension will be for.

YouTube said this week that Paul's behavior could be "damaging to the broader creator community". Understandably, the video caused an outcry, and Paul took several weeks off after giving an abrupt apology.

Paul's manager and publicist didn't respond to requests for comment on Friday.

However he was soon back to his old tricks, posting a tweet mocking the unsafe Tide Pod challenge and saying he would swallow one tide laundry detergent pod per retweet.

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The 22-year-old, who has over 16 million followers, earns his living from YouTube but the site has confirmed that his recent controversial content violates their strict guidelines and is "unsuitable for advertisers".

It later arrived at a conclusion to suspend all advertising on Paul's channels for the time being. All three of these stem from content posted on February 5, and the video containing the freakish fish/rat incident remains available.

The company also said Paul will not be featured on season 4 of the original YouTube series, "Foursome" and that "his new Originals are on hold".

In response to Paul's recent activity on social media, YouTube has suspended him from the Google Preferred platform, which provides advertisers simple access to the most popular 5 percent of YouTubers.

It is not known how much the decision to suspend the adverts will cost Paul.

After the incident, Paul stopped producing his daily video blog for a while, but returned to the platform in January, saying he'd learned from his mistakes. "You either love me, or you hate me", he said.