Indianapolis Colts say "rivalry on" after Josh McDaniels backs out of deal


Throughout most of the National Football League playoffs, it was assumed the New England Patriots' top two assistants would leave to helm franchises of their own.

Josh McDaniels reneged on an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts to remain the offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots in a shocking move, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

And while the Patriots have been to three Super Bowls and won two since the scandal's inception, it may have played a role in McDaniels' staying in New England.

Although the defense is a hot mess, the Colts should keep their focus on the offensive side of the ball when hiring a new head coach.

The Patriots will be fine without Patricia.

It was unclear if Bill Belichick even offered Schiano a job, and if so, what the title would have been.

"Just because you're the first choice doesn't mean you're the right choice", Ballard said. And Indianapolis was a flawless backup plan, just in case Robert Kraft and Belichick didn't give in.

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Assuming that the Colts plan on sticking with quarterback Andrew Luck, Reich makes ideal sense as a head coaching candidate.

In a stunning turn of events, it seems the Colts have not found their man after all.

One of the latest reports suggests that McDaniels arrived at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday to pack his belongings and say his goodbyes. Half, if not more than half, of your staff is already signed, under contract, already in Indianapolis, waiting for your arrival.

The Colts held a press conference on Wednesday, though not the one they originally planned for. Whether it's Frazier or anyone else, they are probably looking for that quality more than anything else with the man they intend to hire as their next head coach.

LaMonte expected the phone call from McDaniels to be a question about preparation for Wednesday's scheduled news conference in Indianapolis, the source told Graziano.

That tweet has been deleted. He went on to be the head coach of Kansas, where he went 6-22 in two-plus seasons and was sacked once again in 2014.

"We put a time frame on things and I don't think (it) really matters at the end of the day", Ballard said. He just wanted a better deal for him and his family. So McDaniels' decision to stay with the Patriots is a surprising one.