Scrambled in translation, Norway Olympic team mistakingly order 15000 eggs


It turns out that the order went through for 15,000 eggs instead of 1,500.

The chefs catering for Norway's 109 Winter Olympics athletes have no small task.

In preparation for this month's Pyeongchang Winter Olympics the Norwegian team was gathering their supplies, the kitchen crew chose to go to a local store to order enough eggs to last the games.

So the chefs put in an order for them with a local supermarket, using Google Translate. But last week, he was shocked when 15,000 eggs showed up in his kitchen.

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The eggs are needed to cook breakfasts for team members while they compete in Pyeongchang. "There was literally no end to the delivery", says Johansen, per USA Today, which notes the situation ended up being a waste of time, not food: The excess eggs were returned.

That's the dilemma chefs for Norway's Olympic team had to deal with after a simple translation error in their order.

Norway has the highest all-time Winter Olympics medal count, with 329 medals amassed since the first Winter Games in 1924. They're planning to offer their athletes a little more variety, with tacos and salmon also on the menu.

But Google might have translated that request into 15,000, the team said. And Chef Ståle Johansen still promises all kinds of egg-based treats for his athletes, including, as he told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, "sugar bread made for medal winners".