Putin, Erdogan discuss Afrin, Syria over phone call


The leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed on Thursday to meet in Istanbul to discuss the conflict in Syria, a Turkish presidential source said.

Rouhani also underlined the need for fighting terrorism and reinforcing regional stability and security.

The air strikes came amid the ongoing military showdown between the Turkish forces and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in the countryside of Afrin.

"The Turkish military operations in Syria were discussed during Cavusoglu's visit", the sources added.

Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide for worldwide affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underlined that his country will help the Syrian people and their allies foil Washington's plots to disintegrate Syria and create a Kurdish state on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates.

"Fortunately, trilateral ties among Iran, Turkey and Russian Federation over regional issues have been highly significant and instrumental", Rouhani said, calling for further cooperation and consultations to solve the Syrian crisis.

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Bilgic said Turkey has informed worldwide organizations, including North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the United Nations, as well as its neighbors about the operation.

The operation will continue until all terrorist elements are cleared from the region, Bilgic told the journalists.

During the meeting, Rouhani also warned about bids by the U.S. and the Israeli regime to prolong tensions in the region.

In his press conference on Tuesday, Rouhani had wished that Turkey would stop the ongoing Turkish military operation in northern Syria, saying that it only increases tension in the war-torn country.

"We believe that we should stand up to plots that aim to undermine territorial integrity of regional countries", Cavusoglu said.