Oro Valley couple files sexual assault counterclaim against Josh Pastner


His Yellow Jackets hit the court just hours after he was named in a sexual harassment suit by the girlfriend of former friend Ron Bell.

Bell has publicly accused Pastner of breaking NCAA rules.

The counterclaim accuses Pastner of "sexual assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress" when Pastner was the head coach of the University of Memphis men's basketball team in 2016.

Pastner filed a defamation lawsuit last month following the claims, calling the allegations "fabricated and false".

Pastner's attorney, Scott Tompsett, has since released a statement vehemently denying the accusations against his client.

In a statement Thursday, Pastner's attorney called the counterclaim "false and malicious". Pastner told her, according to the suit, that he knew powerful people who would make her life "a living hell".

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Tompsett alleges that the new lawsuit is part of a failed smear campaign to blackmail Pastner by claiming he knowingly participated in NCAA violations.

The lawsuit said Pendley did not tell Bell about the incident, but alleges Pastner continued to harass the woman nearly a dozen more times between February 14 and March 3.

According to the alleged victim, Jennifer Pendley, Paster masturbated in front of her in a hotel room despite her repeated requests for him to stop.

But coach Josh Pastner had much more important things to worry about during the game. Bell, he says, has a history of criminal activity and "dishonest and antisocial behavior". It claims Pastner sexually assaulted Pendley and threatened her, if she were to tell anyone about what happened.

An Arizona couple has filed a lawsuit against the head coach of Georgia Tech's men's basketball coach, alleging the coach sexually harassed the woman more than a dozen times in 2016.