TDP now takes its protest to Parliament


Criticising BJP for use and throw policy regarding alliance partners, Saamana editorial said that BJP has used alliance partners for coming to power and deserted them after use. The Gujarat election was a pointer, and has been followed by the BJP's drubbing in the recent Rajasthan byelections. "Now, we will show the entire film in 2019".

The rumblings come as the BJP preps to contest eight state elections before the national election when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek a second term and are seen as muscle-flexing by the allies with only about a year to go. Raut said the Modi government's "last full was a good read but only on paper". "So, if things don't improve, then we will strike", he said. "The demand for a railway zone there has also not been met", said a TDP MP not wishing to be named.

"The Akali Dal leader backed the TDP, led by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, over its complaints on last week's Budget, saying, "Mr Naidu had been made so many commitments, but most of the commitments have not been kept in regard to Andhra Pradesh".

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Singh met the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) party delegation on Monday and assured them that he will discuss their grievances with the Prime Minister.

TDP MPs say elections were to be held in the State alongside the Lok Sabha polls and the pending work required Central assistance. This can not be good news for BJP, with Lok Sabha elections due in a year's time. Despite the disappointment with the budget, TDP is expecting a positive response from the centre in the next four days, Chowdary said. Naidu also reportedly expressed "serious displeasure" over the Union and wondered why the Centre ignored the state. "At the time of the state bifurcation, I was the only one who demanded equal treatment to both the states".

Secondly, the Centre would tighten its screw on release of funds for Naidu's projects like Polavaram and Amaravati (which would be released in different forms) by raising several queries and both the projects would come to a halt, causing vast damage to the TDP's electoral prospects.