Super Blue Blood Moon incoming: Watch it when and where


Add to this a full eclipse, which we won't see in Houston but they will see in Hawaii, and you get a lunar eclipse of the blue supermoon!

But the January 31 alignment of lunar phenomena doesn't stop there.

At a time of year when the sun tends to monopolise attention, the moon is getting in on the act with a triple whammy. The moon orbits the Earth in an ellipse. The moon appears larger when it is in extremely close proximity to earth's orbit, and therefore appears so much so bigger. A supermoon can be 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than a regular full moon. "The difference in size is very hard for our eyes to discern, but the moon will probably be noticeably bright". The celestial coincidence hasn't happened in more than 150 years. The light is bent ever-so-slightly so that the red light converges on a point 200,000 miles away. But a couple times a year, the moon crosses the flat plane of Earth's orbit at the same time it's full.

Viewing in the Central time zone will be somewhat better. We'll actually have another blue moon in March; February won't have one at all.

A blue moon - which isn't blue at all, unless the atmosphere is choking with garbage - is the second full moon to fall within the same calendar month. Generally, however, people only call it a supermoon if the moon is full.

While most of the world will be able to the see the super- and blue moons because it's tied to the eclipse, the odds of also seeing a blood moon depend on where one is. This year, however, we'll be spoiled. For those of us in the Northeast, it will be a partial eclipse visible in the early morning hours of January 31.

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A "blood moon" is pictured from Gosford, Australia, north of Sydney, October 8, 2014.

Firstly, it'll be a super moon, which is the lunar event in which a full moon coincides with a close approach to Earth. And this Blue Moon will pass through the Earth's shadow. The Earth's reddish shadow will be noticeable on the moon by about 6:15 a.m. CST.

Informing this, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has said in a statement that people in Qatar have a good chance to see the Blue Moon from the evening of January 31, Wednesday, until the next morning. (Ruaraidh Gillies/Wikimedia Commons)When can I see the supermoon and total lunar eclipse? "For this eclipse, much of the US will be racing against sunrise". The best views are all around sunrise or earlier. If you want to try to see the eclipse, the best place to do so will be the western facing turnouts of the Shenandoah National Park (SNP).

A supermoon in eclipse is pictured behind Glastonbury Tor in Glastonbury, U.K., September 27, 2015.

And fear not luna-tic's, Virtual Telescope will be streaming the event live for those of you unable to view it up close.

Partial eclipse ends at 7:11 a.m. During a blue moon, the moon is rarely blue - it's normally just its regular color.