Year-Old Survivor Of Texas Church Shooting Leaves Hospital


Some members of the Sutherland Springs community welcomed Ryland home as he passed through town on the fire truck. Twenty-six people were killed, including Ryland's stepmother, Joann Ward, and his two sisters, Brooke Ward, 5, and Emily Garza, 7, according to the Associated Press.

1st Sunday service held at Sutherland Springs church since attack Ward was shot several times in the Texas massacre that left 26 dead.

Ward is one of the youngest survivors of the worst church shooting in US history in which a deranged gunman killed 26 members of the First Baptist Church congregation.

CBS News reports Duncan is the one who found Ryland in the church after the shooting.

"That's where Ryland's hand reached out from under his stepmom and grabbed my pant leg", he recalled to ABC News.

Duncan visited Ward in the hospital nearly every Sunday. "That's when I moved her and saw him".

Stockdale Assistant Fire Chief Rusty Duncan was a first responder that morning, and began walking through the pews, checking those on the ground for pulses.

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Duncan said he visited the boy throughout his stay at the hospital, where he went through "surgery after surgery", ABC News reported.

Ward suffered five gunshot wounds-two in his leg, two in his stomach and one in his arm-and had to have multiple surgeries in the weeks the followed.

Duncan said that as of this week, Ryland was walking again, with assistance. "Of course with my help, but he walked", he said.

"It's just a miracle he survived and is doing as well as he is", she said. "We're just excited to get him to come home".

The way home was lined with jubilant supporters holding signs along the road that read "Welcome home Ryland", "Yay buddy" and "Glad you're back!"

They lined the streets on the way to Sutherland Springs to cheer him on as he made his way down the highway.