Canada launches WTO trade complaint against US


In a statement, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer pushed back against Canada's case against the US, warning that Canada's "request for consultations at the WTO is a broad and ill-advised attack on the US trade remedies system".

Many experts have criticized the Canadian government for its timing.

She says Canada will bring some new, "creative" ideas to the sixth round of NAFTA negotiations later this month in Montreal, in response to some of the "more unconventional" US proposals.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly threatened to pull out of NAFTA - or at least trigger the withdrawal process to increase pressure on Canada and Mexico. We know that when unbiased entities review these unfair trade practices, they have found in Canada's favour.

A wide-ranging trade complaint has been filed by Canada against the U.S., accusing it of breaking global trade rules.

A Reuters exclusive released Wednesday citing two government sources, said Canada is growing more and more convinced that President Trump will pull the USA out of the NAFTA deal altogether.

Canada has had it up to here with the United States and its trade remedy measures. This goes for trade negotiations with China, with Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership parties, and with the United States.

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"Canada's claims threaten the ability of all countries to defend their workers against unfair trade", he said. Trying to get as much as possible from the process by using all political and legal means available is simply part of the process. Sands, who said the move may have come because Canadian trade negotiators and politicians believe the strategy of playing nice with the Trump administration has not paid dividends.

However, Canada's strategy is "particularly unwise", Warner told Xinhua.

Canada is challenging the Trump administration's system of levying penalties on imports in a complaint at the World Trade Organization, a move likely to heat up simmering tensions between the two trading partners.

Across the negotiating table, the United States argues that chapter 19 is unnecessary because the WTO exists, (it did not when NAFTA came into force) and because the United States system is not biased in favour of USA firms.

In Canada's case, the nation is alleging the U.S. violated WTO rules with duties imposed on Canadian softwood lumber.

Missing from Lighthizer's statement, naturally, was any mention of how the administration he works for has lowered confidence in the U.S.'s commitment to mutually beneficial trade. Ottawa's 32-page complaint packs a wallop, accusing the US of violating WTO rules in anti-dumping and countervailing duty probes focused not.

On Wednesday the country requested that the World Trade Organization step in to review certain US trade actions and whether they're in accordance with its obligations as a member of the WTO.