Pakistan, US and terror


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Pakistan's double game, on the other hand, has brought it tangible benefits.

Pakistan is engaged with the US Administration on the issue of security cooperation and await further details, the ministry was quoted as saying.

"This was expected, and Pakistan was preparing for that", the analyst told Radio Sputnik, referring to the State Department's announcement earlier this week that Washington would no longer transfer certain military equipment and security-related financial assistance to the Pakistani armed forces.

The rise in anti-American sentiments in Pakistan appears to be conflating with the perception of China as a more reliable ally.

There seemed to be widespread support on Capitol Hill for the U.S. decision on cutting aid to Pakistan, with critical voices muted.

Pakistan has long rejected accusations that it fails to tackle the militants battling the Kabul government and US -led foreign forces in Afghanistan, from sanctuaries on its side of the border. In contrast, Pakistan maintains that it has continued a military operation to push out terrorists from its territory. But the awkwardness of this marriage of convenience has been on display plenty of times. "They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help".

"Eventually, those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard", Obama had warned the Pakistanis.

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Mostregional analysts agree that the results of these programs have been mixed, generally because Pakistan has been willing to sacrifice US goals to pursue its own interests in relation to its regional enemy India. Nor is it obvious why social-media threats would lead to a genuine change of heart in Islamabad, where a weak civilian government must contend with the military as well as widespread anti-American sentiment.

Pakistan is anxious about the influence of old rival India in Afghanistan, and at the same time has been battling a Pakistani Taliban insurgency that Pakistan says was largely fueled by its support for the USA war on terrorism launched after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. His ministry put out a more politely worded statement.

The FO also said that working towards enduring peace requires mutual respect and trust along with patience and persistence. "Arbitrary deadlines, unilateral pronouncements and shifting goal posts are counterproductive in addressing common threats". There were also "detailed" discussions during high level visits by defence secretary Jim Mattis and secretary of state Rex Tillerson's and in their meetings with Pakistani foreign minister Khwaja Asif to Washington. "I say we should stop now".

The aggressive approach, while not a dramatic departure from the "America First" agenda that dominated Trump's first year in office, nonetheless sent the signal that Trump wants to shift the direction of USA foreign policy.

United States officials have already indicated that there could be "exemptions" for programs deemed vital to United States national security - likely including cash for keeping Pakistan's nuclear weapons safe.

At least one influential Pakistani politician seems to be taking the Trump administration seriously. It goes without saying that Pakistan is not comfortable with a stable Afghanistan. American troops may have been fighting battles there for more than 16 years, but Trump is hardly in a position to call all the shots.

Pakistan is believed to have told USA interlocutors that a major military offensive against the Taliban from both sides of the Afghan border, if failed, will have negative consequences for the entire region, according to a media report on Monday. "This administration - like each one before - has cast its lot with Pakistan". Trump's tweet on the first day of 2018 gave a political push from the White House.