What is a 'bomb cyclone' and what will happen when it arrives?


The storm in question, which will impact coastal areas from Georgia to ME, is given its extreme name because of the predicted rapid pressure drop, an indication of the storm's strength.

Here is the latest from WPC regarding the East Coast winter storm for Wednesday and Thursday.

National Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Maue drew some attention when he posted a message to Twitter yesterday about the "a truly fantastic extratopical "bomb" cyclone" that's predicted to blow up off the New England coast today. The term refers to a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure, which can intensify a system.

The storm is forming off the Florida coast Wednesday and will deposit snow and freezing rain all along the East Coast, where the National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings.

In addition, a weather event that experts call a "bomb cyclone" - which is best described as a freezing hurricane - is now brewing in the Atlantic.

Wednesday's winter storm warning in Tallahassee was the first in nearly four years, reported The Weather Channel.

Further south, the storm's impact will still be substantial.

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Snow fell in Tallahassee on Wednesday morning.

With the approaching weather system, a warning has been issued for winds up to 55 miles per hour, near blizzard conditions in some areas and record-breaking low temperatures. Snow, sleet and freezing rain may increase in eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia by Wednesday afternoon.

Public schools in New York City have also been closed for Thursday.

This usually happens when a storm system moves over the warm waters of the western Atlantic and the Gulf Stream at the same time arctic cold air moves in behind from the west.

The National Weather Service says a storm warning is in effect in the city and Nassau County from 1 a.m. Thursday to 1 a.m. Friday.

Due to weather conditions, some airlines are allowing passengers to rebook flights without paying a cancellation fee -including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and United Airlines as near-blizzard conditions are expected to blast through the eastern United States.