One Of Roy Moore's Accusers Is Taking Him To Court For Defamation


'Mr. Moore sexually abused me when I was only 14 years old. He provided Ms. Corfman with alcohol, flattered her, laid blankets and pillows on the floor, and took off her and his outer clothing. Corfman said he took off her shirt and trousers and removed his clothes except for his underwear before touching her over her bra and underpants.

Ms. Corfman immediately told friends, including Betsy Davis, about Mr. Moore's conduct that night.

Corfman isn't seeking compensation aside from legal costs. At a minimum, Mr. Moore made his false denials reckless disregard of the truth...

Corfman told the Washington Post in November that in 1979, Moore picked her up and brought her to his house, where he removed her clothes and stripped to his underwear. A portion of the segment featuring Mr. Moore was re- broadcast with transcription on the Fox News Channel, a nationally distributed cable television channel.

"These allegations are completely false and misleading", Moore told Sean Hannity after the report dropped.

Martin Wishnatsky
Martin Wishnatsky

During her speech on December 11, Kayla Moore infamously responded to an anti-semitism claim against her husband, Alabama's former Supreme Court chief justice, by saying: "I just want to set the record straight". "I believe they are politically motivated". Then he and his campaign called me a liar and immoral when I publicly disclosed his misconduct. "Uh, I've never, uh, known this woman or anything".

During the campaign, Corfman says Moore and the campaign repeatedly called her a liar and ignored her requests to stop attacking her. She offers a handful of tweets as evidence of this, one calling her a "whore" and several more a "liar".

In a Thursday statement provided to, Corfman said, "The decision to sue Mr. Moore and his campaign committee was hard, but they need to be held responsible for their actions". "It took me quite a few years to take God seriously". That's something that even Breitbart's writers admitted both before and after the election.

"The decision to sue Mr. Moore and his campaign committee was hard, but they need to be held responsible for their actions", Corfman said.

Corfman and her mother have said that Moore first approached her as she waited outside a custody hearing at the Etowah County courthouse.

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