Warning after a number of 'Aussie flu' deaths


A Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board spokesperson said: "We are asking the public to help us prevent flu spreading and only essential visits will be allowed at Wrexham Maelor Hospital at this time".

Forty-nine states and Puerto Rico reported either regional or widespread flu activity during the week ending December 23, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's most recent surveillance report. Previous flu seasons dominated by H3N2 seasons have been more severe, especially among young children and older adults.

United Kingdom medical experts are braced for a deadly epidemic after observing Australia battle one of its worst-ever flu seasons. Lawrenchuk says the virus mutates from year to year so it's very hard to predict with 100% certainty which strain will be circulating in a community.

The flu shot has been plagued by stories of its ineffectiveness.

Symptoms of a cold are generally mild compared to flu.

Most health insurance plans cover influenza vaccines.

The people most at risk for serious complications of the flu - infants and the elderly - need other people to get their flu shots.

In Maine, about 55-60 percent of flu cases in 2015-16 were influenza A, with the remainder influenza B, but so far this flu season about 80-90 percent of cases are influenza A.

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The MMA fighter and boxer said that he had been left shaken by the illness, which has affected many people in Ireland this festive season.

Dr. Marni Teramana, a Kettering Medical Center emergency medicine doctor, said now is typically the time hospitals start seeing an increase in flu cases. While normally it takes at least six months to produce a flu vaccine, the World Health Organization (WTO) convenes a meeting every February, at which it announces the vaccine viruses in the Northern Hemisphere that year.

"It will not only help to protect them from flu, but also those they come into contact with", she said.

"We want to do everything we can to prevent the transmission of flu and so when I talk to my patients about getting the flu shot, I say, it's the most you can do, so you might as well take advantage of what you can do", he said.

With the flu prevalent in the area, local hospital systems are putting visitor restrictions in place.

Meanwhile, figures released by Public Health England show a sharp rise in cases, triggered by a surge in two aggressive subtypes attacking the population simultaneously.

Amendments to the regulations allow for the removal of masks when health care workers are accompanying patients in the community, providing speech therapy services, or communicating with persons who lip read.

Dr. Mendoza says influenza is contagious up to one day before some has symptoms, and can remain contagious until about a week after the patient begins to have symptoms.