Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma likely to get voted out this weekend


The hottest reality show now on television, Bigg Boss has undoubtedly become the talk of the town & while the show is entering its last leg with only one week away from the semi finale, there are rumors doing the rounds revealing the winners already & an unreliable source has shared an information what would only be privy to the creatives & production house, is that of Hina Khan taking home the trophy & getting through every nomination with the highest votes.

Shilpa performs and she sings Aap Ka Kya Hoga Janaabeali and she gets 77 per cent votes and beats Hina. Hina says that Puneesh became a bit slow after Bandgi left the house and started playing it safe. Akash's mother sides with Shilpa on this. Looks like Rocky is going to meet Hina in the same jacket that he has come wearing at the show earlier. He also took Shilpa's brother into confidence about the said relationship. Hina says that she never said anything about his face, but only about his teeth and gets trolled again by Salman, who tells her it's equally bad to talk like that about anyone. Shilpa sings Apni to Aise Taise and the contestants hurl balls at her. Bandagi asks Shilpa who would she chose, Puneesh or Akash.

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After cracking jokes on how Luv had always been lucky, Salman revealed that it was Priyank who was getting evicted as he had secured the least number of votes this week and had to go. She asks Puneesh to justify his statements about breaking Akash's head, throwing a shoe on him and spitting on him. Shilpa defended saying how she herself hadn't got a chance to be captain for long and that she have never gone against Akash. Salman then tells Vikas and Shilpa that their mothers have spoken about their alliance. Soon the housemates are called in a witness box that is placed there and one by one asked questions from the family members. Ashutosh then calls Vikas in the confession box and asks him why he thinks Shilpa played a game. Bandagi asks VIkas if Priyank gets evicted, who will he be friends with. His return saw him shelling his cocoon and emerging out of co contestant Vikas Gupta's shadow, which led to rift between the two, once thick friends.