With Stories Everywhere, Snapchat Stories may be coming to the Web


With the new feature, the company hopes that Stories will see more exposure and ideally help Snapchat, to grow. The Next Web noticed that the social media service is offering its users "Your 2017 Story", which takes Snaps saved to your Memories over the year (the permanent ones you select, not the fleeting ones that disappear after 24 hours) and creates a story you can easily save and share.

Snapchat is reportedly working on expanding its Stories feature outside of its own app for the very first time with a new initiative called "Stories Everywhere". While the company continued to flail around, maybe they will even consider a Windows app, or will this only be well after its too late to matter? The success of this feature has been undeniable and it seems that other social media platforms have finally chose to emulate it. According to the company, "Each Snapchatter's own 2017 Story will include snaps that are automatically categorized and strung together to tell a fun, year-end narrative that's personal to you".

According to a report by Cheddar, the project is being led by Rahul Chopra, the former Senior Vice President and Global Head of Video at News Corp, who recently was CEO of the media conglomerate's social data agency Storyful. The idea is to make Snapchat an engaging outlet for news, sports and other video verticals. The content goals of Snapchat is to increase the overall output of content in its Discover Feed. And the app will continue to invest in developing new features that make sure that the users will have an app that is of high quality. To get continuous feedback on the performance and design, a wide variety of Android devices have been distributed to the engineering teams.

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The third quarter results this year indicated that the app's daily active users are just around 178 million.

What do you do when the competition is beating you in terms of monthly active users?