Nintendo Switch sales hit 10 million worldwide


In their first nine months of existence, Nintendo sold 3.61 million Wii U consoles and 9.27 million Wii consoles. The other has to be the impressive catalogue of software that was published within the system's first nine months on the market.

Solid Black Friday promotions helped Nintendo cross the 10 million units sold mark.

The video game company has wholly disregarded the new consoles that their longtime business rivals, Sony and Microsoft, released and continued to focus on the Nintendo Switch. Months later, the little device managed to secure a spot in enough households after worldwide sales topped 10 million units.

Nintendo has struggled to keep up with demand for the Switch.

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 launch on Nintendo Switch on February 16th.

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Nintendo Switch sales hit 10 million worldwide

In October, Nintendo raised projections for Switch shipments for its fiscal year ending March 2018 from 10 million to 14 million units.

The Wii U only sold 13.56 million consoles in its entire lifetime.

Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America President, stated in the press release today that they have received a "great" response from the fans and that they will continue to try their best to meet the Holiday demands.

First, it can let the player either play games on it as a handheld like a Game Boy Advance.

According to an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei (via industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto), Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Mega Man publisher Capcom has desires to port even more games over to Nintendo's new hybrid console, the Switch. It should become easier to find for the holiday season thanks to increased production, but still, getting a Switch has been fairly hard since it came out. "The pace is one of the fastest in our own history and in gaming history".

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