MediEvil 4K Remaster Announced for PS4 at PSX 2017


This year's PlayStation Experience event had a number of projects for PlayStation VR owners to look forward to, including shooters and first-person horror games. You do not need to own The Last Guardian to get this, so it's a fun gift to the two million people who have dropped some bones on a PSVR.

Sony's big announcement at the opening conference of PlayStation Experience was the return of one of the most beloved franchises of the original PlayStation.

The Last Guardian VR demo is coming to PS VR!

Sony has also announced that it has sold more than 617.8 million copies of PS4 games, and a total of 2 million PlayStation VR units. The extent to which players will be able to interact with the winged creature is unknown, but we do know that players will be able to ride on its back at some point in the demo. "Players are rewarded in-game with cryptocurrency and experience points upon the successful completion of contracts/matches and can use those currencies to upgrade contractors, weapons, equipment, load-outs and cosmetic customization".

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If you are in the market for a gaming console, then Sony's PlayStation has to be the top name in your consideration list, sitting along with Microsoft's Xbox.

There have been a lot of successful PlayStation remasters in recent years and this years PlayStation Experience just revealed another cult classic that could be a hit with fans.

The experience will be free, and downloadable on the PlayStation Store on December 12th.