A new Portal game will launch this month-Bridge Constructor Portal


We were expecting to hear something about this on Thursday night (late Friday here in the UK) during the Game Awards. It's no Portal 3, but it's something!

"Hello and welcome back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center".

We welcome all lucky applicants to Bridge Constructor Portal with our new vehicle-based test chambers, Quantum Tunnels and patented Aperture technology!

As its title suggests, Bridge Constructor Portal is a crossover between Bridge Constructor and Portal.

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For the a year ago we've been secretly working in our underground labs on the next iteration of the million-selling Bridge Constructor series. Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the gameplay of creating physics-accurate bridges with the wacky sci-fi setting of the hugely popular Portal puzzle games. It received a more fleshed-out sequel in 2011's Portal 2, which received even more acclaim than the original.

Backing up a bit, if you've never played a Portal game before, I implore you to fix that problem. For console players, the game will arrive early next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. And while Headup Games has not issued an official press release yet, you can find below its first in-game screenshots.

Bridge Constructor originally released on PC in 2012 before coming to mobile devices and consoles.