Cards, Giants have framework for Stanton deal


Time and time again it has been reported that Giancarlo Stanton's top choice for his next team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Of course, those deals are on hold while Stanton considers whether he'd accept a deal to either team. Both teams met with Stanton last week, with the slugger having final say because of the no-trade clause built into his contract.

Although this news makes a Stanton trade seem imminent, it's important to remember that he remains in control of his destiny. Stanton grew up 15 miles from Dodger Stadium, and it's believed he'd prefer to play in his hometown for the National League champs.

The agreement of the deals was part of the precondition for Stanton to meet with officials from both clubs. Approve a deal the Dodgers liked - for the goal of offloading Stanton's remaining $295 million contract (or as much of it as a team will accept) - or keep Stanton (and his mega contract) on the books.

A trade framework was a logical precondition for the Marlins to grant the Giants and Cardinals permission to speak with Stanton.

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The Dodgers have been somewhat hesitant on Stanton due to their desire not to exceed the $197 million luxury tax threshold or add another nine-figure contract to the books beyond Clayton Kershaw's.

Yet Stanton might be waiting for a resolution with the Dodgers before deciding between the Giants and Cardinals.

If it comes down to the Giants and Cardinals, then we're by far the favorite.

As of Sunday, the Dodgers and Marlins were still in contact regarding Stanton, but have not made progress toward a deal, according to one source. Second baseman Joe Panik has also been mentioned.