Instagram now lets you remix the photos your friends send you


If you're feeling super creative, Instagram lets you use some of its nifty cameras, like Boomerang, Rewind, and Hands-Free to add your own photo (like the example below). Choosing One View makes sure that your friends can see the photo/video you sent only once. They're all enjoying the perks of his awesome update that lets your edit a DMed photo with whatever insane decorations your heart desires - while you're in the dark, missing out, feeling the weight of FOMO, and wondering if you've been somehow selected to be the only person to not be offered the update.

So hurry up and get to the App Store on your Android or iPhone.

The other big change, and possibly one that's more impactful IMO, is that Instagram now lets you choose to allow replays on photo messages sent to friends, instead of having them expire permanently once viewed. You still have the option to fade away after a one-time view, too, so people can be as ephemeral, or as semi-permanent as they want to be. With this new version, however, you have the option of allowing images to replay.

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Naturally though, this is serious enough that Apple is likely working on getting a patch out as you're reading this. Apple's official word on the situation is that they're now working on a software update to "address this issue".

Once the photo or video is positioned where you want it, it's time to edit. To pause a loop, simply tap and hold. Note that if you don't have the updates yet, it may take a few days to hit your account. They're here for you!

Instagram reports that the update is active and available now. You can remix photos back and forth for a fun visual of your conversation.