Westbrook's 34 points lead Thunder past Warriors, 108-91


"It's the same atmosphere that they've always had, so we wouldn't expect anything different. It was just their night, absolutely their night", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin tallied his first triple-double of the season with 26 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists as his team snapped a nine-game losing streak with a 116-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

This wasn't "just another game", as Durant had insisted said before.

In a time when we realize athletes are business savvy multimillionaires who tend to pal around off the court, this feels authentic. For what it's worth, the Thunder beat the suddenly human-seeming Warriors, with Westbrook taking the crown in the individual battle he had against Durant.

So of course here we have Durant and his mother (!?) speaking to ESPN and trying to deflect attention away from what very clearly is a real feud. The Warriors won three consecutive games to advance to the NBA Finals and then won all four games against the Thunder last season. It's basketball. It's not about us. We like to go at it, both of us, and that's just part of the game, so I respect it. Obviously what Russ does is pretty much the same, but you've got to understand how they try to work off of each other and play solid one-on-one defense. I just think it's too hyped.

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Yes, this should settle things right down.

We know that Durant is not afraid to play to the drama - or even to create it. Meanwhile, Westbrook was left to fend for himself. And he's been open about his own insecurities and how they drive him.

"I play the same way every night if it's against Kevin or if it's against Detroit", he said.

Tensions ran hot between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant on the court once again, as the two went forehead-to-forehead briefly in the third quarter and were each assessed a technical foul in the Thunder's 108-91 win over the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night.

"I go out and compete, I got out and play at a high level, like I've been saying since Day One and that's what I did".