Miley Cyrus fans speculate she's pregnant and she has the best response


Miley Cyrus is not impressed after yesterday rumours began circulating online that she was pregnant.

The singer shared a photo of herself celebrating both her birthday and Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 23 and fans freaked out, flooding the comments section because it looks like Miley had a bun in the oven. Many people did not believe that her enlarged belly was purely down to too much vegan turkey, but she insists there's no baby on the way. She chose to quit eating all animal products after the death of her beloved dog Flyod in 2014. She's also shared several photos of her birthday gifts including a jeweled necklace from her partner Liam Hemsworth that bears his nickname "LiLi".

We're growing old gracefully on #GirlsWithGoals this week!


Cyrus, whose 25th birthday this year fell on Thanksgiving, revealed she was "stoked" for the upcoming "day full of Tofurkey & loved ones!"

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My man killin the game already! Cyrus captioned the Instagram snap, "So close to b-day time!" This is just pressie #1!

As one fan summed it up, "Everyone's hating on @MileyCyrus 's dress but honestly I love how extra she is!"

Interestingly, the photo showed what appeared to be Cyrus's bumpy stomach, which, along with the hashtag, led many to believe that she has a baby on the way.

Miley was later alerted to the speculation, and was quick to shoot it down on Twitter, captioning a picture which pointed at her stomach with a giant red arrow: “RUDE!