Rescue mission for missing submarine still ongoing


Brief hope is followed by disappointment, as sounds detected from about 200 meters under the sea, . during search operations for a missing Argentine submarine were found to not come from the missing vessel.

"Special software is being used to study different sounds and acoustics", navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters in Buenos Aires. He described whatever had been detected as "a continuous, constant sound". The official stressed that search efforts thus far have yet to locate the submarine.

More than a dozen global vessels and aircraft have joined the search for the missing submarine, which has been set back by stormy weather that has caused waves up to 20 feet. Authorities have mainly been scanning from the sky as storms have halted the maritime hunt. In addition, the U.S. Navy has dispatched high-tech unmanned underwater vehicles to aid in a search of the seafloor, along with two complete sets of subsea rescue equipment capable of bringing the sub's crew back to the surface.

Gabriel Galeazzi, a naval commander, told reporters that the submarine had come up from the depths and reported the unspecified electrical malfunction before it disappeared almost 300 miles off the coast.

Capt Galeazzi, who heads the naval base in Mar del Plata, south of Buenos Aires, said that the fault reported earlier related to a "short circuit" in the sub's batteries.

The malfunction did not necessarily cause an emergency, Galeazzi added.

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The ARA San Juan was returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia, near the southern-most tip of South America, towards Mar del Plata.

"A warship has a lot of backup systems, to allow it to move from one to another when there is a breakdown", Galeazzi said.

The missing submarine - ARA San Juan - has a crew of 44. Morales and other relatives of crew members have been gathered at a naval base in Mar del Plata, where authorities are coordinating the search and rescue operation.

They were joined by President Mauricio Macri: "We continue to deploy all available national and global resources" to find the submarine, he tweeted. "We continue to do everything, deploying all available national and global media, to find them as soon as possible". The foul weather over the weekend means that it is unlikely that she could have come close enough to the surface to refresh her air.

Argentine submarine ARA San Juan has been missing for nearly a week now and still no sign of its whereabouts.