Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design


First up, the different maps - driving, navigation, transit, and explore - will now better highlight the most relevant information.

Google Maps is one of those rare applications that gets better with time.

The new Google Maps design with colour-coded icons and symbols. That means gas stations when you're driving or more prominently featured train and bus stations if you're riding the rails or hopping on mass transit. Places such as café, museum, hospital, or places of worship will have a designated colour and icon, so you can quickly find what you are looking for at just a glance. It's a pretty useful change, considering previously, Maps would be filled with identical blue-colored icons for stores, cafes, and doctor's offices. For example, all the food and drinks related places like restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, and ice cream parlours have orange-coloured symbols.

Google Street View car
GETTY DISCOVERY Since its launch in 2007 many mysteries have been captured on Google Maps

It's nearly hard to imagine these days how we've managed to survive the past decades without Google Maps and related services like Waze.

Google says the new style will eventually also appear in apps, websites and experiences offered by companies that use the Google Maps APIs. But to keep it consistent across other Google services that also use Maps, the changes will also be applied to Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Earth, and even Android Auto in the coming weeks.

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